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A world of wall art

Munks & Me’s Kris Hack shares the inspiration behind her wall art brand.

Author Kristin Hack
Categories   Interiors

With a talent in design and a background in interiors, Kris Hack took a leap of faith and created her own wallpaper and wall art brand, Munks & Me. Her venture came to life whilst she was pregnant, with the aim for Kris to take control of her own work/life balance whilst crafting beautiful and unique artwork for children’s bedrooms to inspire their imaginations.

We sat down with Kris to talk about the inspiration behind the brand, as well as her top interior tips for decorating your little one’s nursery.

Munks & Me Jungle Wallpaper.

What inspired you to launch Munks & Me?

Growing up I always knew I wanted my own business. I was constantly thinking of new business ideas or inventions, from sunglasses holders to printed t-shirts. After studying fashion design for four years, I moved to the UK from South Africa and started working at Anthropologie, where my real love for interiors and design began.

I was Anthropologie’s EU E-Commerce Manager for nine years, so I gained a lot of experience with e-commerce, production, product planning and customer service and I loved it. Anthropologie really promoted an entrepreneurial type of work environment so there was always lots to learn.

When I fell pregnant, I felt like this was my opportunity to start my own venture. I wanted to create a business where I was in control of my time so I could spend more of it with my family. It would give me the chance to create my own dream job.

I had always been creative and loved interiors, especially for kids! I thought wall art would be a good idea as at the time there wasn’t that many wall art companies out there doing bespoke prints. I just needed to come up with the designs.


I taught myself everything I needed to - Illustrator, Photoshop and lots more creative programmes. YouTube channels were my best friend for quite some time, and I still search on YouTube - it's my go to. (That also makes me happy when I think of what I have learnt and how much I have grown).

When we first launched, we had eight posters online. Today, we have a huge selection of wall art in various sizes and hundreds of wallpaper designs online.


Munks & Me Leopard and Friends Jungle Wallpaper Mural.

Tell us more about your products.

We offer a wide range of wall art and wallpaper for children’s spaces. All our products are made in the UK using really high-quality materials. Munks & Me wallpapers are custom made to fit the client’s wall exactly - that's the best part about what we offer! It's super easy to install too, you can even do it yourself. Our wall art also come in various sizes and we’re now offering them framed, which makes things much easier.

What inspires your designs?

Growing up in South Africa made me a huge lover of the outdoors. The bush, ocean and wild animals have influenced a large portion of my wall murals with many being safari based. I think that's where I draw most of my inspiration from, along with customer feedback and requests, of course. We receive lots of requests for bespoke designs where we’ll create something unique for a child based on his or her likes – they are my favourite projects!

How does your wall art/wallpaper enhance creativity and imagination?

I love the idea that our wallpapers tell stories and that they mean something to the customer and their child. The wallpapers give children the opportunity to really express themselves. All our murals are unique, colourful, creative and imaginative, making them perfect for children's spaces.

Munks & Me Ava Mountain Wallpaper.

What nursery design tips would you give to new parents?

Statement walls (then you've done half the work already!) and basic textiles accessories. If you stick to basics in terms of furniture and accessories it's easier to change things up when you want to freshen up the room.

Any tips for those with a small nursery?

In terms of wallpaper, something big and bold on the wall creates the illusion of more space. Keep furniture and accessories to a minimum. Less is more!

What nursery trends are you seeing for 2021 and beyond?

With children and families spending more time at home this year, we are seeing a big trend of kids' play spaces or bedrooms becoming learning spaces too. Playrooms transform into 'classrooms' with the additions of wallpaper world maps or smaller art pieces like alphabet and number prints.

We’re still seeing a big trend in Abstracts, from wallpaper to changing mats. And safari and jungle themes aren’t going anywhere just yet, I feel like they will forever be 'on trend'.

However, Munks & Me isn't very trend driven in terms of our designs as I believe when you are investing in wallpaper specifically, it needs to have longevity. Your wallpaper should grow with your baby into early childhood years.

Author Kristin Hack
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Munks and Me

Kris’ love for interiors and design started in South Africa. After spending her childhood amongst an array of beautiful landscapes, scenery and colour, then becoming E-commerce Manager at Anthropologie, she was inspired to launch her own brand – Munks and Me. The print house creates wallpaper, murals and wall art designed to fill children’s’ rooms with colour, imagination and creativity.

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