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Hallie + Harlow: My Lightbulb Moment!

How mum-of-two turned her hobby into a successful business.

Author Christy Bryant
Categories   Lifestyle

Former paediatric nurse Christy Bryant set up baby accessories brand Hallie + Harlow as a hobby, but since then it’s gone from strength to strength. Here, Christy explains how she juggles running a successful business with being a mum of two.

A beautiful Hallie + Harlow Gift Set.

Tell us about Hallie & Harlow

Hallie + Harlow is a brand that was created by me in September 2020 and is the namesake of my two beautiful girls. The brand is best known for its modern muslins and baby accessories. Hallie + Harlow focuses mainly on neutral tones and simplistic feels with that added unique stamp. The pride I feel in using the highest quality muslin fabric and making them by hand underpins the love that goes into our products.

What inspired you to launch the brand?

Both of my girls have always used muslins as comforters and I absolutely love fashion, clothes and accessories! I always make sure my girls are little fashionistas too! So, when I found some muslin fabric, I got that light bulb moment and realised I could make them to complement their clothes, creating something that was not only practical but beautiful too! I had little sewing experience and so I watched a YouTube video on how to sew a muslin. The rest is history...

How difficult was it starting a business while being a busy mum of two?

In all honesty I started the business as a hobby, I worked on a little bedside table in my bedroom just casually sewing. It was nice and easy and gave me a bit of “me time” whilst on maternity leave. I went back to my job as a paediatric nurse, but at the same time Hallie + Harlow started to take off. The orders were flooding in and as well as looking after the girls I knew something had to give! I took the biggest leap of faith and handed in my notice at the hospital to pursue this crazy but amazing journey I was on. 

Life went from 0 to 100 really quickly and it was incredibly difficult adjusting to being a mum and a business owner! Working every hour possible to make your business successful whilst at the same time having Mum guilt for doing it, even though knowing it’s all for them, is very tough. It’s so much harder now than just making a muslin on my bedside table, but everything started to slot into place and I firmly believe everything happens for a reason.

You hand-make the muslins and swaddle blankets. How do you juggle your working life with being a mum?

It’s not an easy job! Sometimes it is really tough and work is hard, but it also means I can be much more flexible with the girls in terms of childcare and school runs etc. I think in life it’s always a juggling act with work and children but if you want something enough, you’ll do everything you can to get it. I also have an amazing support network in terms of family and my husband that helps with the girls and, quite honestly, I could not have done it without them so I can’t take full credit for juggling the work/life balance on my own!

Hallie + Harlow has been a huge success. What do people love about your brand?

It really has! I honestly cannot believe it, I’m always very humbled and I still find it really hard to step back and look at how far the business has come and how incredible it is. I have so many customers and celebrities that absolutely love my brand and concept, I would not be in this position without them so I’m incredibly grateful. I have always kept it so true to myself. It’s basically all the things that I love and would have wanted when my girls were babies. I knew when I couldn’t find nice muslins for Harlow that there was a gap in the market.

One of Hallie + Harlow’s super soft muslin sets.

"I think people love how unique the designs of the muslins are, the quality of the fabric and the affordability. I work really hard to follow trends and have a modern twist on a newborn necessity. Accessories have always been a huge thing for me and to be able to put my vision into providing gifts and keepsakes that people have forever means the world."


Hallie + Harlow’s wooden milestone set

What advice would you give to new parents looking to launch a business?

Go for it, take the opportunities you are given and grab them with both hands! You must believe in your brand and back it 100%. Make sure you have a support network behind you (because you really do need it). Stay true to yourself and what you love, but also put the work in. I don’t class myself as being lucky, you make your own luck in business. Work hard and it will all pay off. Never be afraid to just go for it - what is there to lose?

What’s next for Hallie and Harlow?

We have just got a new, much bigger premises! So, we can stock more fabric and products to continue to grow, we’re always on the lookout for new ideas and love following trends. We’ve got some small businesses that now stock our products in their shops and online which is amazing! We also have some exciting events in the diary which we can’t wait to share with everyone. I’m extremely excited and optimistic about the future of Hallie + Harlow. Fingers crossed you’ll be seeing a lot more of us in the future!

Author Christy Bryant

Former paediatric nurse Christy Bryant launched Hallie + Harlow as a hobby in September 2020 after she was unable to find modern muslin designs for her own daughters. Parents loved Christy’s hand-made products and, as the orders flooded in, she decided to leave nursing to concentrate on the business full time. Hallie + Harlow is best known for its super soft muslins and baby accessories, all made using the highest quality materials.

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