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The next generation of Silver Cross

David Abbott, Director of Marketing, shares the inspiration behind our new emblem.

Author David Abbott
Categories   Lifestyle

Innovation is in our DNA. Ever since our founder William Wilson invented the first pram in 1877, we have been market leaders in pushchair design, becoming the world’s most loved nursery brand.

Now, in 2022, we’re reintroducing ourselves with a brand-new emblem. As an intuitive, interlocking ‘S’ and ‘C’, the logo represents the next generation of Silver Cross.

David Abbott, Direct of Marketing at Silver Cross, shares more about the inspiration and process behind its creation.

What made you decide to change the Silver Cross logo after 145 years?

Changing such an iconic part of our branding is a huge step and one we haven’t taken lightly. The traditional Silver Cross logo features on our products, packaging and in stores across the globe, so we have to take every touchpoint into consideration before making the change.

Introducing the new logo reflects the much bigger changes we’re making, which go beyond our branding. This year we’ve introduced new innovative products, our first tech device and app, a parenting platform and we’ve revolutionised packaging in the nursery industry with new sustainable methods and materials. Our new logo embodies all the changes we’re making and the future of Silver Cross.

Will it replace the traditional Silver Cross logo?

Not completely. We’re still hugely proud of our traditional logo and it will still play a part on our products and in stores. The original logo will become our hallmark, a mark of trust. It will become the stamp that lets you know you’ve bought a true Silver Cross product.

What’s the inspiration behind it?

The new logo is an intertwined S and C which also forms a cross. We took inspiration from couture fashion brands who often use their initials as a wordmark and pattern. Since we unveiled our new logo, a few people have said it reminds them of a nappy pin, which wasn’t the intention, but we also love. Like the traditional logo it has soft curved edges and a timeless feel, which is important as it may be another 145 years before we change it again.

What was the process behind creating its unique design?

We were honoured to work with Nick Cooke, founder of G-Type, who has crafted logos for some of the world’s most iconic brands. Working with Phil Taylor, our Design Director, Nick delved into our archive and got to know us as a brand before putting pen to paper. We then explored endless possibilities before Nick presented what is now our new logo. It was truly a special moment when we saw it for the first time, and we instantly knew it was the one.

How is it being used across the brand and product range?

The new logo can already be found on a number of products, including our Dune and Reef travel systems and our new Smart Stroll™ monitor. We’ve chosen to introduce it on points of innovation, which signifies how the new logo is linked to the next generation of Silver Cross. It appears in the centre of our Genius™ magnetic buckle and on the fold mechanism of our new Jet 3 compact travel stroller. We’ve also introduced the logo as a pattern on the linings of some of our strollers and our design team are excited to start working and applying it to more areas.

Where will we see the new logo first?

As well as on our products, the new logo is now being used on our social channels, our website and will start to appear in stores and on packaging soon.

Author David Abbott

David Abbott is Silver Cross' Director of Marketing – developing our brand's presence online and in-store globally. Since joining the team in 2018, David has overseen the launch of a new website and online parenting platform, the development of an app and a complete rebrand with the introduction of our new emblem. 

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