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Unique, sophisticated & alcohol-free!

International wine writer, Matthew Jukes, shares the story behind his alcohol-free drinks brand.

Author Matthew Jukes
Categories   Lifestyle

As many expectant and new mothers know, there is next to no choice of sophisticated adult drinks to enjoy when abstaining from alcohol. Whether you’re simply searching for a rewarding and refreshing drink or something to accompany a delicious meal, we should all be able to treat ourselves to a genuinely satisfying alcohol-free option!

Well, here’s some good news. International wine writer Matthew Jukes has created his own elegant and rewarding alcohol-free recipe. The Jukes collection gives pregnant women and new mothers the feeling of inclusivity without compromising on taste.



This brand-new category of drinks delivers deliciously complex taste like no other, while also pairing brilliantly with food. Understanding that health is vitally important, especially for expectant mothers, Jukes was created to counteract the unhealthy and sugary alternatives to alcohol, such as fizzy drinks.

Each bottle of Jukes is pasteurised and made from natural fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and flowers. In addition, the miracle ingredient, organic apple cider vinegar, forms the ‘backbone’ of the drinks allowing Matthew to ‘hang’ the other ingredients from this framework. Organic apple cider vinegar is renowned for having a multitude of positive health properties.



Matthew Jukes is a world-renowned, award-winning wine taster, journalist, and author. During his 35 years in the wine business, Matthew has worked for BBC Radio and Channel 4 TV, and as well as writing 14 wine books, he has written the most widely read wine column in the UK, in the Daily Mail’s Weekend Magazine, for over two decades.

During Matthew’s career, he never found an elegant, alcohol-free drink that’s genuinely satisfying and palatable. During lunch in Chelsea, Matthew and good friend Jack Hollihan started musing about the lack of seriously rewarding, alcohol-free drinks available. So, he decided to create his own, and Jack insisted this would be named Jukes.



The range consists of five distinct flavours – two whites, two reds and a rosé - designed to be mixed with still, sparkling, or even tonic water. The drinks are bottled in little 30ml bottles, giving you the choice to adapt the flavours to precisely suit your palate.

The drinks are made in Battersea, South London, by a small team of highly dedicated and skilled staff. Everything is done by hand, from preparing the fruit and vegetables to bottling, labelling, dressing, and putting the drinks carefully into beautiful, handmade boxes.



The Jukes collection gives pregnant women the feeling of inclusivity without having to compromise on taste. Whether you are wanting to have a delicious wellness drink, looking for a great mummy-to-be present or hosting a baby shower with brilliant food, Jukes is the perfect solution. All you need to do is add water, relax, and enjoy!


Matthew creates a delicious recipe each month to go with a chosen Jukes drink. These recipes are then included on their website and newsletter, giving customers the opportunity to have a wholesome evening cooking dinner for their loved ones.


Author Matthew Jukes
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Jukes Cordialities

Matthew Jukes is a world-renowned, award-winning wine taster, journalist, and author. During Matthew’s career, he has never found an elegant, alcohol-free drink that is genuinely satisfying and palatable. So, he decided to create his own - this was the beginning of the Jukes Journey.

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