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Everything to know about rotating car seats

Head of Car Safety shares his expertise.

Author Hamish McPhillips
Categories   Parenting

Motion All Size 360 is our all-stages, fully rotating car seat, designed to grow with your child from their very first journey home up to 12 years old. The Edit caught up with Silver Cross’ Head of Car Safety, Hamish McPhillips, on all things Motion All Size 360 – from the rigorous safety testing to its amazing usability.

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What is a rotating car seat?

It’s a car seat that rotates through its base, offering both rear and forward-facing seating positions to suit every stage of your child’s growth and development. It also allows for side loading, enabling you to get your little one in and out of the car seat with minimal fuss.

What are the benefits of a rotating car seat?

Rotating car seats offer the safest, most trouble-free way to secure your child into a car. Fitting a child into a car seat safely and securely can be difficult at the best of times, so with a rotating car seat’s side loading position, it’s much easier to secure your little one correctly.

Being face on with the seat when fitting means it's easy to check the harness, headrest and recline positions without having to lean into the car in an awkward position.

How does Motion All Size 360 rotate?

Motion All Size 360 has been revolutionary in our range in terms of usability and accessibility. At the click of a button in the centre of the base, the swivel movement is unlocked and the car seat can be turned into the forward or rearward position.

What regulations is Motion All Size 360 approved to?

Motion All Size 360 is approved to the latest European safety regulation known as R129/03. This regulation uses the latest crash test dummies to test the seat in forward, side and rear impact directions. Together with a comprehensive range of component and durability testing, the seat is thoroughly tested. On top of this, we always test our car seats to the ADAC protocol.

Shop: Motion All Size 360

Is it easy to install?

Yes! Motion All Size 360 can be installed very easily using the ISOFIX fittings, giving parents ultimate peace of mind that their little one is safe and secure on every journey. We do advise users to take the car seat in and out of their vehicle from time to time to carry out checks of the positioning and ensure no toys or other items have fallen into any parts of the mechanism.

For full details on how to fit Motion All Size 360 and our other car seats, download the free Silver Cross app which includes easy to follow videos to ensure you have everything in the correct position.

What happens to the seat when my child grows?

Motion All Size 360 has fully adjustable inserts, three recline and eight headrest positions and a stowable harness to ensure it can be adjusted to suit your child’s needs and changing stature as they grow.

Will my child be comfortable?

A brilliant recline position for rearward facing, together with three settings for forward facing ensure there is always a good position, whether your little one is a newborn or school-age.

With the softest natural bamboo fabrics which are super breathable and anti-bacterial, Motion All Size 360 offers best-in-class comfort. The seat and harness include cushioned padding sections too.

Author Hamish McPhillips

Hamish McPhillips is the Head of Car Safety at Silver Cross, with over a decade of experience in the design, testing and manufacture of child car seats. Hamish has a passion for engineering, starting his career as a test engineer, initially conducting crash testing for formula one cars. This lead to a focus in child car seats - even though the occupants are smaller the safety principles and engineering behind them are similar. Joining Silver Cross in 2018, Hamish has led the development of our market-leading car seat range, achieving best in class ADAC results and some exciting product firsts along the way.

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