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Exploring London with Kids

Top tips from @TravelMadMum Karen Edwards.

Author Karen Edwards
Categories   Travel

London is jam-packed with things to do. As restrictions are lifting, we may be considering exploring London again especially with Summer just around the corner. As resident Londoners, we have been keen to explore all that our favourite city has to offer.

There are things to do for children of all ages and many places are stroller friendly too. Many attractions and places are free also, meaning it shouldn’t cost an arm or a leg to explore the city. Here are some of our top picks of places to explore in London with children!

Parks and Playgrounds in London for Children

It is no secret London has some of the best parks and playgrounds in the country. No matter what area you head to, there is sure to be a park to keep the kids entertained. 

There’s lots to explore at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is probably one of the most famous parks to visit in London. It is the largest of the Royal Parks and is located in central London. It has lakes, cafes and plenty of open spaces. There are also a few playgrounds to choose from too.

One of the most famous playgrounds in Hyde Park is The Diana Memorial Playground. The playground is in Kensington Gardens and a huge pirate ship takes centre stage. The playground was designed for less-abled and able-bodied children to come together and play. There are teepees, a sensory trail and various toys and sculptures for kids to play with and get lost in their imagination. 

As the park is outdoors it is open to visitors, however there is a limit of just 150 visitors at a time.  To avoid the crowds, it is best to avoid visiting the playground in the first few hours after opening at 10am and an hour before it closes at 4.45pm.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

In East London sits the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. We have spent many summer days here and there is always something new to explore on each visit. It has everything from canal boats and wetlands to pretty gardens and trails. 

The wetland tale trail is perfect for little ones. While it may only be a simple walk, the story about Hobgrumble Joe of the Waterglades is sure to keep them engaged. The park is also a great place for older kids with a sense of adventure. The ArcelorMittal Orbit is the world’s highest and longest tunnel slide. It is suitable for kids over eight years old and has to be booked in advance.

Museums in London

Museums are in every corner of London. The museums have been working hard to put measures in place to keep everyone safe. From booking in advance to alcohol gel dispensers, it feels quite safe exploring the city museums. They are a great place for little ones to learn and have fun.

 The Natural History and Science Museum

The Natural History and Science Museum is in South Kensington. The great thing about it is that families can spend all day there and there is no entrance fee. However, a donation at the door is recommended and tickets to the museum must be booked in advance online. 

The infamous dinosaur exhibit is a must-see and the investigative area is perfect for school-aged kids. The science museum next door offers many hands-on learning experiences for kids. 

There are a few entrances to the museum. The entrance on Exhibition Street doesn’t have steps, so it is the best entrance for strollers. There is also a free cloakroom storage area free to use for kids under three. Strollers can be folded down and stored there too.

The London Transport Museum

The London transport museum is an interactive haven for kids. While most museums have a don’t touch policy, the London transport museum is the opposite. In fact, on the ground floor, there are a ton of vehicles for kids to play on. 

The museum has an area especially for kids under seven too. Here kids can role-play and there is a soft play area for babies too. The museum often has special events for half-term holidays or for under-fives during term time. 

Tickets have to be booked online and while there is a charge for adults, all kids under 18 go free. The entire museum is stroller friendly too which makes it perfect for families with young children.

London Science Museum is an interactive haven for kids
The London Eye is loved by adults and children alike and offers the best views of the city

The London Eye with Kids

Visiting London and not going to the London Eye is like not seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It has to be done and both kids and adults love it. Needless to say, the Eye offers some best views of London. It takes a full 30 minutes for the wheel to make a rotation. It moves incredibly slow, so it is a great way to spot famous landmarks like Big Ben. 

Tickets need to be booked in advance but can be easily purchased online. It is also worth noting strollers can come onto the London Eye, however they must be folded before joining the queue and remain folded until you exit.

Kew Gardens

The Kew Gardens should be on everyone’s bucket list when they visit London. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is in one of the most beautiful parts of the city beside Richmond Upon Thames.

One of the great things about Kew Gardens is the children’s garden. It is split up into different sections with lots of fun and educational activities for kids aged between two and 12 years old. 

Timeslots for visiting the gardens must be booked online before you visit. The gardens are mostly level which means families can bring their stroller with them too.

Treasure Trails

London is a great place to walk around and see the sites. It is free to do and there is a lot of ground to cover. In fact, it is possible to walk virtually anywhere even with a stroller. 

That being said, younger kids don’t always find walking an adventure. Treasure Trails are a great way to get kids walking and keep them entertained. They have to find the clues hidden along the trail to solve the mystery. It does cost a few extra pounds, but it is fun for all the family.   

Explore the canal and green spaces at Camden Town.

Camden Town

Camden Town is a district in north-east London, mostly known for its street markets and live music. It is also known for its street food and is where Instagram’s famous Chin-Chin ice cream parlour is located.

It is an eccentric part of the city with plenty of bright colours and amazing street art. There is also a beautiful canal and some green spaces to explore. Families with small children love it too as it is stroller friendly. 

Peter Harrison Planetarium

The Planetarium is an incredible place to visit especially for kids that love space. They have different sessions for various age groups offering simple explanations for younger children and then more advanced for the older kids. 

Ted’s Space Adventures is aimed at children aged three to seven. Due to the age, it is only available to attend at the weekend or during the school holidays. Children go with Ted on a trip through the solar system and learn about the different planets.

Tickets are available online and they are released two weeks in advance. The seats at the back give the best perspective, so arrive around 15 minutes before to watch the show from the best seats in the house.

Tower Bridge in London is worth a visit for those that have a head for heights.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge in London is known throughout the world. The bridge crosses the River Thames and is 244m long. It is worth a visit, but only for those that have a head for heights. 

The high-level walkway of the bridge has a glass floor that looks down to the river below. If you are lucky you may even see the bridge below open up, closing the road and allowing the boats to pass by. 

The great thing about visiting Tower Bridge with a stroller is that there are elevators. It is easy to walk across the bridge with a stroller too. Like all the other attractions, tickets can and must be bought online in advance.

All of the attractions were due to be opened by the middle of May. However, restrictions can change at any time and it is always best to check before going. Any indoor attractions require adults and children over 11 to wear masks.

Author Karen Edwards
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Travel Mad Mum

Travel Mad Mum mastermind Karen Edwards is passionate about her mission to show the world the many possibilities of travelling with kids. Over the years she’s visited destinations all over the world with her daughter Esmé, son Quinn and husband Shaun, building up thousands of followers on social media along the way. As resident Londoners, the family loves to explore all that their favourite city has to offer.

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