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Car safety fact check

Our Car Safety Technologist Kat Gemmell busts the car safety myths

Author Kat Gemmell
Categories   Travel

Ensuring your child is safe and comfortable when travelling is so important, but sometimes car safety and the rules around it can seem like minefield. To help you debunk the facts from the fiction, Silver Cross’ Car Safety Technologist, Kat Gemmell is here on The Edit with her expert advice.

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“Airbags must always be turned off when rear facing.” – FACT

You legally must deactivate your airbag when your child is rear facing in the front. If your child is forward facing in the front, you need to consult your vehicle handbook for advice on airbag activation and front seat position – check the child safety section for this information.

“ISOFIX is safer.” – FACT

ISOFIX seats are safer than belt-fit seats (BPA, 2022) – this is because the risk of fitting an ISOFIX seat incorrectly is far lower. To properly protect your child in a collision a seat must be fitted correctly. ISOFIX simplifies fitment and the green indicators clearly show that the seat is installed correctly. Silver Cross’ car safety collection utilises Easy Lock ISOFIX, which is designed to make fitting and removing your ISOFIX seat as easy as possible.

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“Babies must forward face after 15 months.” – FICTION

Even after little ones have reached 15 months in age, they will still benefit from travelling rear facing. Our Motion All Size 360 offers extended rear facing up to 105cm – approx. 4 years old.

“Car seats cannot be recycled.” – FACT & FICTION

Generally, car seats cannot be recycled at waste recycling centres. However, sustainability plays a key part of our ethos, which is why we operate our own car seat recycling service. When you have finished with your child’s car seat, we will collect it and recycle all the parts for free, ensuring nothing goes to landfill.

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“Toys are safe in the car.” – FICTION

Yes, really! If you are involved in a collision, any loose items will travel at the speed you were doing before you crashed – a sippy cup or book suddenly becomes a very heavy object potentially hitting passengers in the car. When travelling, opt for soft toys which won’t cause injuries in a collision.

“Coats are OK in the car in winter.” – FICTION

A thick, puffy padded coat or snowsuit creates a gap between the child and harness which prevents the harness being adjusted correctly. This leaves the harness loose in a collision and unable to provide optimum protection. To keep your little one warm in winter, tuck a snuggly blanket around them after they are safely strapped in – thin fleeces, jumpers and cardigans are all safe to wear in a child seat.

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“Every seat fits every car.” – FICTION

This is a common belief with child seats, and while compatibility is getting better, it still isn’t always guaranteed. The only time you can be really confident a seat is compatible, is if you are fitting an i-Size approved car seat into an i-Size approved car – or the vehicle is listed as compatible on the Silver Cross app’s fitting guide.

“Combination seats are difficult to convert between stages.” – FICTION

OK, so some combination seats can be quite long winded and fiddly to convert, however our Balance i-Size and Motion All Size both convert in less than 60 seconds! Simply tuck the harness behind the cover and stow the buckle in the special compartment in the seat base and you’re good to go!


BPA (2022) Child Car Seats: Ending the confusion. Available at (Accessed 23 November 2022)

Author Kat Gemmell

Kat Gemmell recently joined our car safety team and has over a decade of experience supporting parents to choose, fit and use their child car seats safely. She has worked for a national child seat campaign, provided product training for child seat manufacturers, and ran online information websites to support parents in making a truly informed choice.

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